About Carrfields Prime Platform

Who are we?

Carrfields is representative of a family who has farmed and built the Carr Group of companies over the past forty years from the fields of the Canterbury region. At the core of our business is our New Zealand heritage, its land, farms, and people. At Carrfields we value innovation, our people, integrity, service, and safety. Our promise is to deliver quality and integrity across the value chain starting at the farm gate right through to the family home in New Zealand or around the world.

Carrfields Prime Platform is currently for selling lamb.

We will be looking to sell mutton and beef on Carrfields Prime Platform in the future. Carrfields Prime Platform allows for an efficient supply chain movement between farmer and processor while also improving animal welfare by less time in transit. This improved efficient supply chain is a lower cost option than traditional sales channels as livestock are sold in the paddock with no cost to the farmer until they are sold.

When selling your primestock on our site, you can be sure of getting the market value as each lot is sold to the highest bidder.

Only approved processors can purchase from our site so you know you're going to get paid for your primestock. Payment is made directly to your nominated bank account from Carrfields Livestock upon the generation of the killsheet.

Sales run every Monday and Wednesday and if your listing does not meet its reserve price, it will be added automatically to the next auction until sold. You can modify your reserve or buy now prices, and can even withdraw a lot if need be.

What do I have to do to sell my primestock on this website?

The Carrfields Prime Platform is brought to you by the Carrfields Livestock who have a team of over 130 livestock agents nationwide. If you have an account with Carrfields Livestock simply register with the below link and enter your account number.

You can fill out an account opening form here.

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Carrfields Prime Platform Rules:

  1. Minimum tally of 50 per listing for lamb and mutton.
  2. Listings may only be withdrawn by 12am on the day of auction.
  3. Final listing details including pricing must be confirmed by 12pm on the day of auction.
  4. Animals in a withholding period cannot be listed.
  5. Where stock is declared ABF a certificate of declaration needs to be provided.
  6. Purchase of livestock can be limited by region to reduce the transport distance to be processed.

Regions as per below:

(a) Lower South Island (Southland and Otago)
(b) Central South Island (Canterbury)
(c) Upper South Island (West Coast, Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough)
(d) Lower North Island (Wellington, Manawatu, Taranaki
(e) Central North Island (Waikato, BOP, Wairarapa)
(f) East Coast North Island (Hawkes Bay, Gisborne)
(g) Upper North Island (Auckland and Northland)

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