Supplier: FAQ

Why do I need to register to sell livestock on this website?

Because we need to verify you as a red meat supplier and obtain information such as your trading name, phone numbers, and livestock pickup addresses.

Who will be buying my livestock?

New Zealand meat processors.

How much does it cost to list my livestock on this website?

Listing fee will be set with your agent, there is no listing fee if the livestock don't sell.

How often are the auctions running?

Every Monday and Wednesday. 9am for the South Island and 10am for the North Island.

What information do I need to supply you in order to sell my livestock on this website?

Once you have created your supplier account we will need the following information: Company trading name, mobile and landline phone numbers, billing address, nominated bank account for payment of livestock and your company GST number. In addition to this we will also need at least one livestock pickup address.

How will I get paid for my livestock?

You will be paid the auction price for your livestock that fall within the specifications as per the terms and conditions. Livestock that falls outside of specification will be paid at that processors schedule for that livestocks weight and grading.

How do I sell livestock on this website?

Once you have registered and been verified, you can create livestock listings that can be purchased by processors.

To sell livestock on our site, we require the following information:

  • Type of livestock to be sold.
  • The pickup address for livestock being sold.
  • How many animals are beng sold.
  • The highest, lowest and average weights of the animals being sold.
  • The average time off feed before the animals were weighed.
  • The date the animals were weighed.
  • The breed and sex of the animals.
  • NAIT number if applicable.
  • Wool status and presentation if applicable.
  • A brief description.
  • Vacination, antibiotics, GMO and holding period for treatment information.
  • When the stock will be ready to pick up.
  • Reserve and Buy now prices.

How will the pickup of my livestock be organised?

Once a processor has purchased your livestock, you will be notified by email that your listing has been sold. We then ask the processor when they plan to pick up the livestock and what transport company they plan to use. Once we have these details, we will email the transport company a request for transport. The final details will be arranged between yourself and the processor's transport company.

How do I know my stock have been purchased by a reputable processor?

Carrfields will only deal with reputable processors that are prevalent in the industry at present, and only allow the processors that we have met with and have a relationship with to buy livestock off our website.

Can anyone purchase stock off the website?

No, definitely not! Only processors that Carrfields feel meet the standards required, and are able to produce a killsheet for the stock purchased, based on the Hot Carcass Weight.

How do I get hold of the killsheet?

Your killsheet will be emailed to you as soon as it’s made avaliable.

Do I need to weigh stock?

Yes, processors need to know what they are buying. We ask for the highest, lowest, and average weight of the mob that you are selling. We also ask the date they were weighed and the time off feed before they were weighed. This will give the processor all the information they need to make an informed decision when deciding whether or not to buy your stock.

Can I withdraw stock?

Yes, but only up until 12am the day of the auction.

Can I modify my listing?

Yes, but only up until 12am the day of the auction.

What happens if my stock are passed in at today's auction?

Your stock is still available at the buy now price until the day of the next auction. Your listing will be automatically added to the next auction. This will be continued until the listing is sold or you withdraw the listing. Auctions run every Monday and Wednesday.

If your listing is not selling, we recommend you review the listing's reserve and/or buy now prices.

Who can I contact if I've got a question?

Please use the contact page form or the details at the bottom of this page.

Got a question thats not covered here?

Contact us and we will do our best to answer your query just as quickly as we can.